Cleaning advice for windows

Window cleaning

Cleaning window frames

Plastic window frames get dirtier than wooden windows because they attract dust and become statically charged. Avoid rubbing your plastic window frames dry, it will only cause ugly scratches. Sweep away the existing dust with a hand broom first. You can then clean lightly soiled window frames with lukewarm water and a simple all-purpose cleaner. The plastic frame must be well soaked and the solution should act briefly – then rub everything again wet. Finally, simply wipe with a moderately damp cloth. For heavier stains, grease-dissolving cleaners are helpful. Stubborn stains should also be pretreated: spray on the cleaning agent and let it soak in. Remove the stains with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning window panes

Spray small windows with Nefix glass cleaner and then dry them with a microfiber window cloth. You can also use a damp microfiber all-purpose cloth for pre-washing and then dry with the microfiber window cloth.

Cleaning large windows

With the right tools and a few tricks, this is no problem for you.
This belongs to the basic equipment of a window cleaner

  • a bucket of warm water and one or two squirts of washing-up liquid
  • a window washer with fur
  • a towel (ideally made of microfiber)
  • a dry microfiber cloth
  • a squeegee with rubber lip

Even if the windows look dirty in the blazing sun, you should not clean them then. In this case, the water on the window would dry faster than you can clean, resulting in ugly streaks and smears. Choose a bright or cloudy day for cleaning, when it is not raining and not too windy.