Über die Benke GmbH

Company history

Benke GmbH is a family business that was founded in 2003 in Diepoldsau. It all started with microfibre cloths and disposable gloves which were distributed throughout Switzerland. The requests for cleaning agents and other cleaning products quickly increased and we decided to add more products to our portfolio. For us it was and still is important to develop our own products whenever possible. Where Benke is on the label, Benke should be in the label.

High quality, a fair price-performance ratio and easy handling are also important cornerstones of our philosophy. Due to dynamic marketing and customer-friendly sales processing, a number of employees were quickly needed. Customer proximity and the needs of our customers are still very important to us today.

Company Benke today

Due to the own development and production of cleaning agents as well as the direct access to production sites worldwide, the company Benke today has a wide network of partners and can directly respond to customer requests. Whether private label or custom-made microfibre products, our flexibility allows us to fulfil almost any customer request. Furthermore, the company has a gentleman’s agreement for disposable gloves from the company MaiMed, which is one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

At the beginning of 2020, Benke was able to obtain the exclusive right to sell specially patented grout brushes and shower squeegees throughout Switzerland. In addition, the share of “work protection” in cleaning and care is currently being expanded, which will be followed by further products.

Not only the product range as well as the partnerships with production facilities are constantly being expanded, but also the staff has been continuously increased in recent years. What once began with two people has developed within 17 years into a company that now employs twelve people.

Since 2008, the Benke company has been based in Widnau.

Opening hours for collection

You can also collect your ordered goods from us in Widnau. We are always there for you from Monday to Friday from 07:30 – 12:00 and from 13:00 – 17:00. We look forward to your message, questions or suggestions.

Unbeatable price and quality

Founded in 2003, Benke GmbH in Widnau is a specialist in the following areas:

  • Cleaning agents
  • Cleaning equipment and accessories
  • Consumables
  • Textiles made of high quality microfibres
  • Disposable gloves

Our bank details

Raiffeisenbank Mittelrheintal, 9443 Widnau
Account number: 90-3031-2
IBAN: CH11 8080 8003 0695 0573 6
Swift-BIC: RAIFCH22 / sort code: 81319

Cleaning agents made in Switzerland

Our cleaning agents have been developed to achieve a high degree of efficiency.

Our cleaning agents are manufactured in modern and economical production facilities in Switzerland. This guarantees consistent quality!

Mops and mop equipment

In Europe we produce mops in microfibre and cotton quality in all colours and sizes. From 500 pieces, we produce mops according to your wishes at unbeatable prices, with your label, chip or imprint.

Of course with individual finishing and packaging options. Due to our own production without intermediate trade, we can offer the products at the best price.

Microfibre products

We produce microfibre cloths in Korea, China and Indonesia. We produce high quality microfibre products such as cloths for the kitchen, bathroom, car, for animals etc. We also produce individual microfibre products on request.

Do you want a specific size, colour, structure, label, packaging or similar?

Own brand, special requests, development

We develop, produce, pack and ship according to your wishes. We can advise you on the design and printing of your label. We can offer you labels at very favourable prices, in top quality, even in small quantities. You can find out more about this on the private labels page.

We will be happy to put together a personal offer for you.