Social engagement

Social engagement of the company Benke GmbH


World Vision Switzerland

World Vision Switzerland is a Swiss-based foundation that has set itself the goal of enabling children around the world to live free from hunger and poverty, in safety and without violence, with educational opportunities and a promising future. As an independent partner of the international children’s aid organisation World Vision, we are committed to implementing our own development projects and finance them with donations from Switzerland.

Our work is based on Christian values and we are particularly committed to helping those who need help the most. We support children, families and their communities in the fight against poverty and social injustice through targeted support for self-help in long-term development projects. The ethnic origin, religion, nationality and gender of the beneficiaries are irrelevant to us. Together with the global World Vision network, we also provide emergency and disaster relief in crisis areas and actively campaign for children’s rights around the world.

FC Altstätten Women

We are a proud sponsor of the women’s team from Altstätten and are allowed to present our logo on the team’s jerseys. We have also provided the ladies with new drinking bottles and training equipment and fill the medical bag with the most important items every year.
Together with the entire club, the team supports the junior girls’ section, which is growing rapidly and is very popular.

Sound structures, fairness, enjoyment of the sport and teamwork are among the cornerstones of FC Altstätten.

We also support FC Altstätten in the areas of cleaning and hygiene with our expertise and products.


Gut Aiderbichl Foundation Switzerland

Gut Aiderbichl has been working for animals for over 20 years and is an important institution for animal welfare throughout Europe. Over 6,000 rescued animals from a wide variety of situations now live on our home farms in 6 European countries.
We guarantee every animal a safe and secure home until the natural end of its life.

Michael Aufhauser was a strong advocate of animal rights even before the organisation was founded in 2001. Together with Dieter Ehrengruber, Gut Aiderbichl became a driving force that not only caused a stir in the early years, but continues to do so today, because animals are our life.
Year after year, we fight together for fair conditions for animals and give them a voice.


The Sikypark in Crémines has a clear mission: we rescue native and exotic animals in need and give them a home. Over 90% of our 550 animals come from animal rescues, confiscations and relinquishments. This sets the Swiss Animal Rescue Park apart from other parks and zoos. The care and contact with our protégés is intensive and requires a lot of patience. In addition, some of our animals are no longer the youngest. And that’s exactly what it’s all about. We give former circus and zoo animals a dignified last stage of their lives and generally offer our help when animals need a new home. You can find out more about our commitment and the care and rescue centres under animal rescue.

Sikypark AG is a non-profit, tax-exempt public limited company that evolved from the “Rescue of the predators of Subingen” project. The AG is managed by the Sikypark Board of Directors. Operational management is carried out by a management structure. As a private initiative, Sikypark relies on donations, sponsorship and other support. Find out more about the support options here.

Referee Rheintal

The Rheintal training group regularly organises training sessions and events (small field tournaments, Jassen, indoor tournaments, etc.) for and by referees in the region. Mostly alone on the pitch together in the cause.

We are committed and encourage new referees and experienced referees alike. Everyone can find a place with us and is very welcome.