Cleaning advice for the car

Interior cleaning


Before you start cleaning the cockpit, we recommend that you free it from dust. The Benke dust magnet is made for this purpose.
For cleaning the cockpit surfaces, water with a little Benke dishwashing detergent is best. For heavier soiling, we recommend using our glass & surface cleaner “Nefix”.

Tip: Use a soft microfiber cloth such as our premium cloth for all cockpit surfaces.


Due to dust and soot from the heater, especially in winter, a layer of dirt quickly covers the inside of the windows. For this purpose, use the Benke glass cleaner “Nefix” which delivers a streak-free result with the power of alcohol. To get the best possible result, use Nefix with the Benke microfiber window cloth. Due to the ultra-fine structure, the window cloth guarantees a perfect and streak-free result.

Tip: The window cloth from Benke is ideal for drying the glass panes streak-free after the exterior wash.

Cleaning leather

Leather in the car is exposed to high stress due to the temperature fluctuations, long sitting, contamination by food and drinks, etc.. Therefore it is important to care for it and nourish it with important nutrients from time to time. For this purpose we have developed Benke Leather Care. Clean the leather first with Nefix and a Benke Premium white microfiber cloth to loosen the coarse dirt. Then apply the leather care on a fresh microfiber cloth Premium and spread it on the leather surfaces. The remaining dirt is thus dissolved and the leather is nourished at the same time.

Safety advice
Not suitable for anelin leather!
Test product on a concealed area.

Tip: The Benke Leather Care – Set includes all cleaning agents and cloths for perfect care.

Exterior cleaning


Depending on the degree of soiling, you should first remove the coarsest dirt from your vehicle with a water hose or high-pressure cleaner. A brush attachment for the garden hose can help to clean even difficult recesses. Make sure that the brush is always free of foreign particles that could damage the paint and that it is also suitable for car paint.

Actual car wash

For car washing, use our car sponge or cleaning glove made of ultra fine microfiber. To avoid scratches caused by dust or other particles, rinse the car beforehand and always use a fresh cleaning glove or sponge after each part of the vehicle.


After rinsing the entire car, the Benke waffle cloth is ideal for drying the paint. The waffle structure absorbs an enormous amount of water and impresses with its perfect size. Avoid always exerting pressure on the paint but always drive carefully over the car paint.


The Benke car polishing cloth is perfect for applying and polishing off car polishes. Due to the ultra plush microfiber and the omission of the edge, the car paint is maximally protected. Professional quality for the best possible result.