Cleaning advice for the kitchen


Cleaning chrome steel

For light soiling, pre-clean with a damp microfiber all-purpose cloth and a little washing-up liquid, then dry with the microfiber dishcloth or all-purpose cloth. For heavy soiling and lime stains, apply Benke cleaning stone with the yellow sponge supplied.
Rinse the chrome steel several times with clear water and dry it with the microfiber dishcloth or all-purpose cloth.


Remove limescale

Unscrew the sieve from the water tap and place it in a container with Alpolan lime remover. Allow to act for approx. half an hour and rinse well with clear water. Repeat the process if there are still lime residues. Replace the sieve. For the faucet, put some Alpolan pure on a sponge and rub the faucet with it, then rinse with clear water. Dry the faucet with a tea towel or all-purpose cloth.


Cleaning the drain

Pour approx. 1/2 liter of pure drain cleaner into the drain. Allow to act for at least 1 hour. Then rinse with plenty of water. If the drain is heavily clogged, leave the drain cleaner to work for longer and then rinse with water. Siphons that experience shows often clog, can be treated preventively every four weeks with about ¼ liter.


Cleaning the steam extraction hood

Remove the inserts of the steam extractor and douse generously over the washbasin with Multinet Grease Remover. Allow to act. In the meantime, apply Multinet Grease Remover to a sponge and lather the permanently mounted steam extractor. The grease will dissolve, then wipe several times with a microfiber cloth until no Multinet residue remains. Rub the inserts with a sponge and remove the dissolved grease. Then rinse the inserts with clean water. Repeat the process if grease is still present. Replace the inserts and turn on the steam vent for 5 minutes.


Cleaning the oven

Spray on grill cleaner without diluting or apply evenly with cloth. Attention wear gloves! Allow to act. Work with sponge or microfiber cloth and rinse with water. Wash objects in contact with food with water before use. Do not use on aluminum and catalytic self-cleaning ovens.

Descale coffee machine

If the flow comes only dripping or is greatly slowed down, then you need to descale your coffee machine. Fill 500 ml of water together with 100 ml of Calc Clean into the water tank of the coffee machine. Let it run through without soaking time and rinse the machine thoroughly. If your machine has an automatic descaling program, please consult the operating instructions of your coffee machine.