Worth knowing gloves

Does it make sense to wear gloves?

Is it advisable to wear gloves?

Opinions differ as to whether wearing disposable gloves is really safer or whether it actually poses a hygienic risk. What is a must in the food industry and is often prescribed is not always the best way in the catering industry at the same time. No law actually requires the wearing of disposable gloves! To the frequently asked question of whether it actually makes sense to wear disposable gloves, there is basically not only one possible answer.

Because wearing gloves also needs to be learned.
It is important that the correct glove size is worn and that gloves are changed regularly. Especially when changing activities and products, the gloves must be thrown away and replaced with new disposable gloves!

As the skin under the glove breathes, the hands start to sweat after a while. This in particular can promote the growth of bacteria that are naturally found on the skin. It is well known that bacteria like it moist and warm. For this very reason, it is recommended to wear gloves only as short as possible and as long as necessary and to always wash your hands thoroughly between glove changes!

For some activities it makes sense to wear gloves, for other activities it is advantageous if the staff do not wear gloves. In both cases, consistent implementation of hand hygiene is crucial.

Basically, the following applies to hand hygiene:

  • Keep fingernails short
  • Do not wear jewellery (as dirt and bacteria can accumulate there).
  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly under warm running water and with soap.
  • Dry hands well with disposable towels after washing.
  • Put on disposable gloves after washing hands, change gloves regularly, wash hands again in between.
    Wash hands thoroughly and do not forget skin care!

Which glove do you need to use and how?





Mechanical resistance
Tear strength++++
Puncture resistance+++
Chemical resistance***
Skin friendly
Proteinspresentnot presentnot present
Acceleratorpresentnot presentpresent
Waste problems++++
*depending on the specific chemicals

Symbols and their meaning

Recyclebare Verpackung

Recyclable packaging

Recycling system

Note storage temperature

Store dry

Protect from sunlight

For single use

Conformity with EU Directives

Examination level

This product contains natural rubber latex,
which may cause allergic reactions, including anaphylactic reactions.

Meets the requirements of the standard DIN
EN 455-1, 2, 3 and 4 on medical gloves

Protect from ozone

This symbol indicates that printed instructions for use are included in the glove itself or in the glove packaging.
is included in the glove itself or in the glove packaging.

Food suitable

Gloves certified according to EN 374-5 VIRUS or ASTM F 1671 standards
are tested for protection against even much smaller viruses.


Waste separation – waste labelling

Standard EN 374-1 specifies the requirements for protective gloves intended to protect the
protect the user against hazardous chemicals and defines the terms to be applied.