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Grill cleaning set / 4 pieces

The Benke grill cleaning set contains everything you need to clean your grill or oven. The Benke “Fornol” grill cleaner can easily deal with burnt-in oil and grease stains. With the grill cleaner set, you can easily keep your grill and oven clean.

Area of application
For grills, ovens, baking trays, cooker tops, steam bonnets, deep fryers and heavily soiled pans.

Instructions for use
Spray on concentrated or apply evenly with a cloth (wear rubber gloves, see section on disposable gloves).
Treat with a grill brush or microfibre cloth and rinse with water.

Apply concentrated

Special instructions
Wash cleaned objects that come into contact with food with water before use.
Do not ingest. In case of skin or eye contact, rinse with plenty of water.
Do not use on aluminium and catalytic self-cleaning ovens.

Included in the set
1 x Grill and Oven Cleaner Fornol / 1 litre
1 x Microfibre cloth Premium blue
1 x Sponge yellow – green
1 x Grill brush


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