Joint brush


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Joint brush from Benke

Joint brush from Benke with top quality for always clean joints and window seams. The joint brush HACCP is designed for all in the hygiene, as well as private area. Its patented design makes it particularly ergonomic. The brush is certified for use in hygienic areas (HACCP). Joint cleaning has never been so easy.

In addition, this brush is also ideal for cleaning window seams and removing dirt from them (only use in the seams, not on the visible frame). Can also be used as a small “broom” to clean corners and hard-to-reach places.

The practical screw adapter for tool-free connection to hollow handles of 18-22 mm means that the brush can also be used with a handle. Protects the back and transfers the power ideally to the brush.


  • floats
  • ergonomic
  • Can be used with or without handle
  • Lye and acid resistant
  • HACCP certified
  • Robust


  • Cement joints
  • Window seams C
  • leaning of scratch resistant surfaces

For descaling, we recommend ECOlan (ecological descaler) or Alpolan.
Cleaning and degreasing, ECOnet (ecological grease and oil remover) or Multinet are excellent.
For the treatment of mould (only for cement joints) Chlor Tabs / Note: Cement joints must be pre-wetted!



Packaging unit 
1 x brush (with or without handle selectable)


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